Best epilator buying guide(2020)

The Best epilator is an excellent alternative to a razor for hair removal. It’s a tool that contains a set of tweezers that pull out hair from the roots. A versatile epilator that can remove hair on various areas like the legs, armpits, and face.

Are you thinking about buying the best washing machine but don’t have a clue where to start? We’re here to help you in this article “Best epilator buying guide” 

An epilator is an electronic device that temporarily removes hair. It’s similar to a shaver

With epilators, there is no need to wait so long for your hair to grow back out before you use the epilator again.

Choosing the right epilator can be a challenge to many individuals as they are many types in the market. However, this article will help you get an idea of what the best epilators are and where to get them.

Best epilator buying guide

Epilator Vs. Waxing

Which is better? Which one hurts less? While both methods remove hair from the root, but the process is quite different

An epilator has a set of tweezers on a roller that grabs hair and pulls it out. Whereas, waxing involves the application of cold or hot wax on the skin and removing hair by pulling off the wax with a cotton wax strip.

But it is difficult to wax re-grown hair. On the other hand, an epilator can grab even the tiniest of hairs.

Since both the epilator and wax pull the hair by the root, they are equally painful. However, waxing induces more pain because of the warmth from the hot wax.

We should know that every epilator comes with different accessories and multiple features designed to meet its customers’ needs. Also, there are many factors that turn a simple epilator into the best epilator for you.

In this section, we have mentioned some factors which you need to consider before buying a good epilator for the desired result. Buy the product that suits your skin

Points to consider before you invest in the best epilator.

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Number of Tweezers

This one of the most important features to look for in an epilator. The number of tweezers comes from 20 to 72. The shape and positioning can vary in the product. More the number of tweezers faster will be the process of epilation. Always look for an epilator which has more than 40 tweezers.


Some of the best epilators in India work well while plugging into the mains while others operate on standard batteries, which are replaceable when worn out. You should pay good attention to the power source of the epilator.

 Whether it’s powered by cord or battery. If it is battery-operated. How efficient is the battery performance? And if it is corded. Whether the cord is long enough or not. Pay attention to details of the epilator as its a long term investment.

Wet or Dry

Some persons prefer shaving in the shower or tub because hot water opens up the pores, softens hair follicles and numbs the pain.

The wet or dry feature on epilators is an important feature for you to consider. If you plan on using your epilator on wet skin, in the shower or in the bathtub, you want to make sure you have an epilator that has both the wet and dry feature.

Not all the epilators out there are designed in a way to perform under the shower. If you prefer epilation under the shower. Look for an epilator which is waterproof.

Cordless vs corded:

When it comes to epilators, you can either go for the cordless epilator, which is quite easy and convenient to use or opt for the traditional version with the cord. The only issue is that you would have to stay close to the power cord and this can be irritatingsometimes.

Speed setting

Most of the advanced epilators have two-speed settings – one for faster epilation, another for slower and gentler hair removal. Some epilators come with customized varying speeds allowing you to pluck even the tiniest of hairs to provide silky and smooth skin.


These attachments held to reduce the pain by limiting tweezer exposure. Higher-end variants come with many caps such as the facial cap and sensitive area cap.

With these caps on, you will be able to use the epilator on your face and armpits. Some have used theirs in the pubic area though it isn’t recommended because it is such a sensitive area.

Tweezer Head

Some epilators have a wider head to let you cover more skin with each stroke to make a quick extraction, but it can be more painful. Always look for an epilator which has more than 40 tweezers.


Look for your needs and then select the epilator which has attachments that meet your requirements. Epilators often come with ‘caps’, or attachments over the head of the epilator for customized use in different body parts like face, underarms, legs, or sensitive areas.

Having a cap for sensitive areas is a really useful attachment. When you want to shave the armpits, you need something more gentle. The cap can be attached on top of the epilator, and it will reduce the pain in sensitive areas.

Built-in LED Light

Check for the lighting option in the epilator. Light can be an added feature. It ensures that you epilate even the tiniest of the hair for optimum results..Having a bright light source will help track down fine hair that’s almost invisible to the naked eye.

Cleaning Tools.

If you don’t want your skin to get harmed, then look for the epilator that comes with cleaning tools. It can become unhygienic if there is no good cleaning tool present.


Price is a big factor when it comes to any electronic products. You need to keep in mind it fulfills your needs. Go for reputed brands which come with a good warranty period. You don’t need to visit the parlor every week or every month. Buying a useful device is a long-time investment. It saves money and time.

Areas where you want to use it

What body parts you plan to use your epilator on should be a major factor when buying an epilator. Epilators come with different attachments that might be suited for certain areas of your body. Most women use epilators primarily on their legs. However, if you decide you want to use it in other areas of the body, you might want to consider getting an epilator that comes with specific attachments that are suited for different parts of the body like face, underarms, and bikini.

Final words

Going through the above blog “Best epilator buying guide“ would have given you a sufficient amount of information to help you purchase the Best epilator. We have also listed the important features.

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