Best hair dryer buying guide(2020)

When it comes to buying the best hair dryer,it is not as simple as it looks. One of the major considerations when choosing a hair dryer is your hair type, not all hair dryers are created equally.

There are several factors you need to assess when shopping for a new hair dryer, including figuring out your hair’s texture.

Here in this article “Best hair dryer buying guide“, we will discuss the best hair dryer which suits your hair. Hair dryers are very important for gadgets for both men and helps in styling hair.

The right blow dryer will decrease your chances of winding up with brittle, fried hair. The key items to focus on when you’re shopping for a blow dryer are the material that it’s made of, its wattage, its weight, and special features that might make blow-drying your hair easier.

Best hair dryer buying guide

Types of hair dryers

Ionic or tourmaline dryer

Iconic or tourmaline releases the negative ions, that help break up the water droplets on your hair for faster drying. If you frizzy or thick hairs than buy the iconic or tourmaline dryers for the best results. these dryers prevent the water from soaking in and causing frizz, plus speeding up dry time.

If you have fine or thin hair avoid the iconic or tourmaline dryer, they are not much effective.  A tourmaline dryer is likely to be more expensive than a regular ionic dryer. However, if you have extremely thick or frizzy hair, it may be a good investment.

Suitable for thick, frizzy and if difficult to dry.

Ceramic or porcelain dryer

The main benefit of ceramic hair dryers is the ceramic or porcelain coating inside, it makes the heat consistent, distribute heat evenly and relatively gentle. So they’re a good choice for fine or dry hair that dehydrates easily.

A ceramic or porcelain dryer is actually good for all hair types and ideal for delicate hair. While ceramic hair dryers are great for reducing heat and speeding up drying time, they do not produce as many negative ions as ionic hair dryers.

Titanium dryer

The titanium dryer distributes heat evenly and keeps the temperature steady. It tends to get very hot, though, so it’s not a good choice for fine or damaged hair and delicate hair. If you have more thick hair or lots of hair, a titanium blow dryer can drastically help reduce your drying time.

The dryer is usually lightweight. Titanium weighs less than ceramic or porcelain.  It is more comfortable to hold when you have a lot of hair to dry.

Dryer types Suitable for
Ionic or tourmaline dryer Thick, frizzy
Ceramic or porcelain dryer Fine or dry hair.
Titanium dryer If you have a lot of hair.
Curly hair Hair dryer with a diffuser

Things To Be Considered Before Buying a Hair Dryer

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Watts of the hair dryer

Wattage refers to the strength of the blow dryer’s motor. When a dryer is equipped with a high wattage motor, the force of the wind dries the hair quickly—without requiring too much heat. When dryers are equipped with low wattage motors, on the other hand, they tend to rely on heat rather than air power to dry the hair.

A high-wattage motor packs more wind power and will cut down your styling time without exposing hair to excessive heat. Higher the wattage, the higher the efficiency of the hair dryer.  Basic hair dryers are from 1000 to 1800 watts.

If you have extremely thick, difficult to dry hair, opt for a dryer with a wattage between 1800 to 2000. For people with short, flat and thin hairless wattage hair dryers are suitable and similarly, thick, long and frizzy hair needs a high power hair dryer.

Weight and size

It’s important to consider the weight of a blow dryer. You want a lightweight model that will be more comfortable to hold while you’re drying your hair. That makes your blowout easier. Styling your hair needs a bit longer time and heavy hair dryers not comfortable for styling.

When buying a new dryer, people with lots of hair need to consider weight. Long, thick hair can take more minutes to blow-dry. If a dryer weighs too much, the arm will get tired five minutes into the blowout.

The hair dryers should be compact and foldable so that you can carry it in your bag. For frequent travelers, it is better to choose a foldable and small-sized.

Heat Adjustment

Search for a dryer that provides low, medium, and high heat settings so you can use the precise amount of heat that your hair requires. A heat adjustment feature is essential, using the lower heat settings can prevent damage and keep the hair healthy.

  • For fine, thin, or dry hair, the low heat setting will work well.
  • For normal hair, the medium setting is ideal.
  • For coarse, thick hair, use the high heat setting.


Before buying a dryer, check out the warranty. If the dryer is costly, the warranty should cover at least one or two years of use.


  • Cool shot button
  • Diffuser
  • Concentrator nozzle

Cool shot button

If you want shiny, sleek hair, choose a blow dryer that features a cool shot setting. This allows you to blast your hair with cool air when you’re nearly finished drying your hair to seal the cuticle for smooth, shiny hair. Cool air seals the cuticle, locking in your style and boosting shine.


Diffusers are one of the most common types of attachments; they disperse the dryer’s airflow, which keeps the pattern of curls intact. They also help to cut down on frizz. It’s particularly helpful if you have curly or wavy hair because it helps keep the texture intact.

Concentrator nozzle

A concentrator nozzle is key for straightening and de-frizzing. The concentrator attachment is most commonly used to achieve sleek, polished styles.

Other hair drying tips

  • Choose the right products by considering your hair type.
  • Remember to pre-dry hair. Use an absorbent microfibre towel, or air dry your hair as much as you can before reaching for the hair dryer.
  • Select a dryer with a comb or pick attachment to create smooth locks

Final words

Going through the above blog “best hair dryer buying guide” would have given you a sufficient amount of information to help you purchase the Best hair dryer. We have also listed the important features.

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