Best washing machine buying guide- (2020)

Thinking about buying the best washing machine but don’t have a clue where to start? We’re here to help you in this article “Best washing machine buying guide

The washing machine has become an essential gadget in modern-day life. , they save a lot of time and effort. Buying a perfect washing machine, which fulfills all your washing needs can be an overwhelming experience.

Nowadays many washing machines are available in the market with astonishing and different features. Before buying a washing machine you need to consider these things according to your requirements. This article will help you in buying the right washing machine for your home

Best washing machine buying guide

Here are the few things to keep in mind while buying a washing machine.

  1. Fully or semi-automatic machines
  2. Washing machine capacity
  3. Wash programs
  4. Additional features

Types of washing machines

The washing machine is broadly divided into two types, which are available in the Indian market.

  • Fully automatic washing machine.
  • Semi-automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic machine

The semi-automatic machine is the basic level washing machine, with 2 tubs one for washing and another for drying. Manual intervention is required during the wash cycle. A water inlet pipe is attached to add water or you can add requires an amount of water by bucket, after wash you need to place the clothes in drying tub.  You can pause a washing cycle and scrub clothes to remove excess dirt.

Semi-automatic have a few advantages like  easier to operate and repair, consume less electricity, wastage of water is under controlled and let you add or remove clothes  during wash cycles

Fully automatic washing machines

A fully automatic washing machine does all the things from washing to drying. It does everything automatically. Load your dirty clothes, set the program and just turn on it. They come with several washing modes and programs. Human intervention is the minimum in a fully automatic washing machine.

Types of fully automatic machine

Fully automatic washing machines are categorized into 2 types, based on the laundry loading in the machine.

  • Top load washing machine
  • Front-load washing machine

Top load washing machines

As the name suggests, in the top load washing machines clothes are loaded from the top by lifting the lid. It is more convenient to load clothes. You don’t need to bend. A water inlet pipe is attached to the machine and uses water when it is required. This type of machine has a single tub, used for both washing and drying, clothes can be added during the wash cycle. It has fewer wash programs compared to the fully-load washing machine. They take up less space. Flexible wash cycles based on wash programs and custom modes for various fabric types. It is also inexpensive.

Front-load washing machines

As you may have guessed, that the clothes are loaded from the front. These are advanced washing machine with many wash programs. They are strong and hefty in nature. With clothes falling on each other, they offer better and smoother cleaning,  the best wash quality among all the washing machines. Flexible wash cycles based on wash programs and custom modes for various fabric types and for delicate fabrics, they are gentle on clothes. They dry clothes faster. It is expensive among all the washing machines.

Washing machine capacity

Capacity is the major factor to keep in mind while purchasing the washing machine.

For individual or 2 people, 5kg capacity is enough. 5 kg capacity machine can also be suitable for a family with 4 members, but they require more wash cycle, which is the time-consuming method. 

A 7 kg capacity machine is ideal for the family with 3 or 4 members. It can approximately take three shirts, three pairs of trousers, one bedsheet, two towels and two pillowcases per wash cycle.

 For a family of five or six members, an 8kg machine is suitable. A larger family requires a washing machine with a capacity of 10kg or more. This will allow you to wash three shirts, three pairs of trousers, two bedsheets, six towels and six pillowcases per cycle. Higher capacity machines are hefty, need more space and consume more water and electricity.

 maximum weight of clothes you can comfortably put per wash cycle in a washing machine

Family sizeApproximate capacityNumber of clothes
Single person or couples6kg2 shirts
2 jeans
1 bedsheet
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
Family of 3 members7kg3 shirts
3 jeans
1 bedsheet
2 small towels
2 pillowcases
Family of 4 members8kg4 shirts
3 jeans
1 bedsheet
3 small towels
3 pillowcases
Large family10+kg3 shirts
3 jeans
2 bedsheet
6 small towels
6 pillowcases

Wash programs

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Having multiple wash programs save clothes from overstressed, tear and give the best wash quality. Wash programs help you to choose the right wash treatment, needed for your fabrics. Wash programs are decided on the basis of types of fabrics being washed. It saves a lot of time.

Quick wash

This quick wash mode is present in almost every washing machine. This mode is very useful when you need to wash and dry a few clothes without following any wash programs. It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.


Soak your clothes for a specified period after which the wash cycle begins automatically.

Daily wash

Daily wash mode is used for your daily clothing and undergarments.

Time delay

Load clothes into the machine and set the program to start the wash cycle later. This helps you to avoid noise at a specific time.

Delicate/ easy care

Some fabrics need delicate wash like for e.g., silk can get overstressed and tear.

And many wash programs are used for different fabrics like cotton, polyesters, and woolen

Benefits of having more wash programs

The benefits of having more programs for different types of fabric reduces time, saves it from wear and tear.

Additional features of the washing machine

Rpm (rotation per minute)

It is the rotation of the drum per minute. Higher the rpm, the quicker it will rotate to remove water from the clothes. Many washing machines have a control button to adjust the rpm, required for delicate clothes. You can increase or decrease rpm manually depending on the types of clothes you want to dry.

Fuzzy logic

Fuzzy logic is the advanced method of a washing machine, equipped with many sensors to washing the clothes automatically. It selects the automatic wash program depending on the load weight, dirt. It adjusts the water inlet, amount of detergent to be used, duration of a cycle. and various things required for best and easy wash quality


Washing machine with heater has many advantages, at higher temperatures, detergents work better and eliminate stubborn dirt, oil, and microbes easily, compared to wash in cold water.

Bubble wash

Bubble wash is very useful, this wash mode produces bubbles, which go deeper into the clothes and gives a better wash quality. It removes dirt and oil stains easily. It saves electricity and time

Lcd display

Washing machines equipped with displays are convenient to use and to see the pieces of information about wash programs. You can see the time left until wash cycle completion.

Final words

Going through the above blog “Best washing machine buying guide“ would have given you a sufficient amount of information to help you purchase the Best washing machine. We have also listed the important features.

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